Mental Health Bills May Limit Young Americans’ Clout

The law provides some protection against that, including a tax on non-exchange insurance products that will be used to offset rising costs, if necessary. There are also risk-adjustment provisions for the insurers, as well as $10 billion worth of re-insurance in 2014 for those who sign on higher levels of people with chronic conditions. Also, Kingsdale said, many young insurance customers may receive federal subsidies to help buy insurance, so they could cost the system more than older customers who have more money to buy insurance without subsidies. “The tax subsidy pays in, so if you’re supposed to pay $100 based on your salary, you’re going to,” Kingsdale said.
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Health Website’s Security Prompts Worries

That it wasn’t done “would cause me some mild concern,” she continued, adding she would advise a relative or close friend to wait until the website is stabilized before plunging in. Asked former White House chief information officer Theresa Payton, “If you haven’t done end-to-end testing, how can we say with certainty how hard or easy it is for cybercriminals to attack at different points in the process?” “It makes me shudder a little,” said Payton, a former bank security executive who now has her own company. Payton served in the George W. Bush administration and has been consulted by congressional Republicans but says she has no partisan agenda on the health care law. “We need to help because we have to make this right,” she said. The website was supposed to provide easy access to a menu of government-subsidized coverage options under President Barack Obama’s health care law.
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